How to pass Level 104 in Pyramid Solitaire Saga.

Andrews tips

Round 1.
This way you can use the extra cards, but use them first to pick up the first 3 cards.
Once you have picked up 3 cards without a joker you don't need to pay attention any more, just go joker, card, joker, card to the end as fast as you can. Never leave jokers on the board at the end as cards you pick up after about 40 are worth more than jokers left on the board.

Round 2.
There are  (I think) 6 more cards than jokers. So if you can pick them up before you start using jokers you're away again. Try to reduce both piles at the same rate so you're not just left with one pile.
Part one should be really quick so you should have plenty of time for part 2.