How to beat Level 104 in Pyramid Solitaire Saga

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Round 1.

There are are 27 cards on the table and 24 jokers,
so you need to get at least 3 runs of 2 cards to complete without using your own jokers.

You can use your own joker and the extra booster
 if needed but you shouldn't need them on this round, 
so save them for the score.

Use the extra time booster and extra joker booster.

DON'T use the extra cards! I tried that once and didn't 
score enough!

My advice on all timed levels is to try not to rush.

The whole board must be cleared in one continuous 
run using the jokers on the board and your 
own jokers if necessary.

Round 2.

There are 32 cards on the board but only 24 jokers.

This means you will have 8 cards which you must match without using a joker. 

So 8 pairs, or a run of 8 cards, 
or any combination in between!

Using your own joker or the extra joker booster will bring 
this down to 6 or 7, but you will lose score for that.

This is a very good level for earning extra Purple 
and white jewels!

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