Pyramid Solitaire Saga Level 94

Tips from Maureen,

Each level has it's own little quirk. 

I actually found 94 a really good level. 

The key is to remember to take your time and not rush. 

Just because you see a card that matches one you 

turned over...don't rush in and hit it!! 

The first level is good because you can see the cards 

underneath and you can plan out a good run. 

Once you get a good run then I find it 

better to use your joker then to keep that run going. 

Not only will it give you a higher score, but it will get rid of 

quite a few cards. 

The second level is the same. Find a good run and 

keep it going with the jokers. 

Leave your own 2 jokers till last. 

You may not have to use them and they are worth 2000 

points each. 

Remember...take your time and think where 

your best runs are.