Pyramid Solitaire Saga level 100 Tips.

How do I beat level 100?

Boosters needed.    Multiplier and extra joker.

Round 1.

This depends as much as anything on a good deal. 
Look at the chained cards and if they don't match each other try to uncover and remove the middle one early.
You will then only have 2 to worry about later. If the 3 chained cards make a run, leave the middle one where it is to make removing them easier.   
Look carefully and see if you can remove enough cards to leave you a run to uncover the remaining chained
 cards and remove them. 
Use your jokers if needed. 

Round 2.

Round 2 is more or less the same board. 
Treat it the same way as round one. 
Uncover the middle chained card early and if it doesn't match the others remove it. 
If it matches leave it and work out the run to uncover and remove the three scarabs using both jokers. 
It is easier in this round to uncover the other chained 
cards without taking too many of the other cards, 
this way you can work out your run using the jokers 
to clear the scarabs.

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Andrew's tips.
 These levels take a lot of planning to get out. 
Before you even start playing, you need to look at the scarab cards and the cards directly above them, MAYBE the row above. 
Can you create a run of 4 just before you get a scarab card/s? 
Once you pick up these 4 cards, will there be any other cards blocking the scarabs, and can they be used in a combo to pick up the remaining scarabs? 
The extra joker is your FRIEND here.

If you can get a run of 4 like this, just concentrate on getting the other cards out normally, making sure to leave these 4 cards. 

Once 4 remain, wait for the card which will start this 4 card combo (if you have left J, 10, 9, 8 and you have a scarab card 7, wait for a Q or 10). It helps if at least 2 of the scarab cards can be picked up in a row, then you can use the joker to pick up the last scarab.

If you simply cannot see how you can get a 4 card combo just before a scarab, perhaps look at using the joker to create a 4 card combo, but this is only wise if you have the extra joker turned on. 

If none of the scarab cards can be picked up in a row or using a remaining card in between them (3,7,9 etc) then you will need to try and get the middle scarab out asap during your normal playing (which of course requires a 4 card combo). 

This will still leave you with 4-6 cards to try and make a combo from before you pick up the other 2 scarab cards.

The second part of the level is actually slightly easier than the first. 

Again look at the cards above the scarabs and try and work out a combo of 4 somewhere that would directly lead you to pick up a scarab. 

Look at the cards that you would need to clear to reach this combo but also the cards that would remain, and try and work out how to continue the combo with the remaining cards.

It's a good idea to leave the outside lines as much as you can, and concentrate on clearing the inside lines. This would potentially leave the scarabs all clear, leaving you a chance of getting more than 1 four card combo. 

It's all about planning here, I think draws that you can actually finish the level with come around SL
IGHTLY more often than most people think, so just take a few minutes before you even pick up any cards to plan how you are going to unlock the first scarab card/s. 
It's also about luck as well, if you absolutely cannot see how you can create a combo to get a scarab with the cards in the rows above them, then you may as well quit the game 
and start again.

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