How to beat level 95 in Pyramid Solitaire Saga.

Round 1.
Boosters   Multiplier and extra joker.

You may not need the extra joker as there are jokers 
on the board.

There is only one scarab card in the middle which is chained.

There are also 2 jokers hidden under mummy cards.

The rest of the cards are in 2 stacks so you don't have a lot of choice for making runs.

The trick is to look carefully at the cards in the stacks and find the run of 4 cards needed to unlock the chained 
scarab card and work towards opening the run. 

Only remove cards if they help to uncover the ones you need until you have the run of 4 needed.

Uncover the jokers with spare  cards so you can 
use them if needed.

Round 2.

There are lots of jokers hidden under mummy cards so try to unwrap the mummies first before you try to make a run. 

You only need to get to ONE key card, so pick the side that looks easiest to make a run.

At the same time uncover the jokers as you'll need them to keep the run going.

Once most of the mummies are unwrapped and you can see some jokers, go for the run to get the key card. 

Once you unlock the card use another joker to pick it up if needed.

Round 2 is easier than round one, so if you get through round one with a good score you should be OK.