How to pass level 79 Pyramid Solitaire Saga.

Tips by Cookie.

I would recommend using all three boosters.
 Extra cards, extra joker and multiplier.

Round 1.

As with all chained card levels look VERY carefully 
at the cards when you start and PLAN your moves as much as possible. 

Save the jokers if you can for when you get close to the chained cards so that you can keep your run going 
and not let them chain up again.

Leave odd cards on the table which match ones near the chained ones. As long as they're not blocking important cards you don't have to pick them up.

Round 2.

There are no chained cards here but the runs are more difficult to keep going.

Once again look carefully at the cards and try to plan runs. 

Use the jokers on the table to get going, but be careful not to leave yourself stuck near the end.

The jokers on the table are there to be used, so use them, there is no bonus for saving them.