How to beat Level 54 Pyramid Solitaire Saga.

Michaels tips level 54

Round 1.
you don't need to remove the chained card to complete round one, but do so if it becomes part of the run as this will give access to the gold card.
Round 2.
Look ahead to put together a run to unchain the first card, then use your joker if needed to keep the run going and unchain the second card.
With a good deal both chained cards will be in sequence and you can save your joker for the end.
Recommended boosters:   Multiplier.   
You may not need the extra cards and joker, but if you find you're short a card use one or both.

Andrew's Tips Level 54

  • Don't be surprised if it takes you a while to pass this level. A LONG while. 
I would strongly recommend playing with the multiplier 

  • booster and/or the extra joker at least, that will increase your chances. 
  • The star scor
    es are way too high compared to the difficulty of getting a high score, so just be happy if you manage to scrape past 1 star! 
  • You don't get an especially large amount of cards to use either, and luck plays a big part, so try your best to make combos.

  • Part 1 - 
  • Level one looks pretty difficult, but in actual fact, you can ignore the chained card altogether. 
  • Concentrate on getting rid of the outside 2 columns on each side, and don't use unnecessary cards to try and get rid of the chained card unless you can pick it up in a combo. 
  • Unfortunately if you want to get more than 1 star you're going to have to try and get rid of the chained card to access the multiplier card before you pick one/both of the scarabs up. 
  • These levels require you to get at least a semi-decent combo in order to pass, but the chances of doing so are quite low. 
  • Don't be surprised if you get through both levels (finally!) and don't even have enough points for 1 star. 

  • Look at the cards to work out how to make a combo. Sometimes it's better to not pick up a card if you can use it in the middle of a combo later. 
  • Get rid of single cards that cover up potential combos. It feels like you're doing the wrong thing by ignoring cards, but more often than not (on this level at least) it helps!

  • Part 2 - 
  • Right, hopefully you've got through part 1 with at least 10,000 points, otherwise part 2 is going to be a struggle to get to 1 star! 
  • You'll notice there are now 2 chained cards on the table, both requiring a combo of 4 to unlock. 
  • It's very easy to get yourself stuck on this level!
  • Take a good while to look at this level and plan exactly how you are going to unlock the cards. 
  • If you can get both cards in the same combo (quite rare but VERY useful) then aim for that. 
  • This is a level where it's especially useful to get rid of single cards blocking combos/ignore combo cards you can pick up until the time is right. 
  • If the cards just don't look like you can combo them, chances are slim to none you're going to get through this level. It will take a while!
  • If you can get a combo to unlock the first chain card, before you go for it, see how hard it would be to continue your combo with the joker to unlock the next chain card, and try and get rid of cards that would block this combo transition. 
  • If the cards are lucky, and you plan ahead, 1 star should be attainable. 
  • Remember that planning for this level makes all the difference between finishing with a score too low and finishing with a star.