Pyramid Solitaire Saga Level 129 Tips.

Tips for level 129 by Marko Hahn


At first wait for a good deck card and the go for a little run until the leaf cards become playable. 
If necessary use your joker. 
Then focus on the leaf cards (because of the 4 jokers on the table) and use the other playable cards as connectors. 
Once you have some playable jokers try to get rid of the cards on the bottom first – the moss cards have to be removed before you can play the scarab cards. 
In general I would try to solve the puzzle on one long run. Play the deck for the final cards.


If possible I would once again go for it right away 
with the help of the joker. 
But play it smart. 
You have to keep in mind that you need to play every moss card to get to the jokers as well as to 2 of the 5 scarab cards, so try to get to them first. 
I would also recommend playing the 3 scarab cards that are covered with leaf as early as possible (ideally as connector to reach all the moss cards). 
Because: When your run ends at the end the leaf comes back on the scarab cards and you might not have any connectors left to unlock them again. 
You can see most cards right at the start. 
So make a plan at the start and hope that the covered cards bring you some luck!