How to beat level 76 in Pyramid Solitaire Saga.

Tips by Michael Hill.

The only booster you need is the extra joker, although 
the multiplier will help too.
For part 1 look for a long run and use your jokers to get 
the longest run possible. This will give you a score of 
35-40,000 before the dreaded part 2!
For part 2 you need a bit of luck with the deal. If you can't match the first card right away use a joker to get rid of it and hope the rest of the deck is good to you.

Tips by Andrew Martin

Part one

Part 1 should give you no problems at all. You start off with 
plenty of face-up cards to start a combo going here. 
Remember there are 2 jokers hidden at the top and bottom 
of the shape, which help to keep the combo going.
You don't get any extra points for the jokers left on the board 
(not 2000 anyway) so you should always use them. Aim t
uncover these first, of course if you have an opportunity to 
make a long combo elsewhere do this but the jokers should 
be your second priority. 

    You need as many points as you can milk out of part 1 to get 
    ready for part 2. Even more so if you are looking to get 3*.

      With all 3 boosters on and a 36 card combo, I already had
      stars here (55940 points) So use this as your benchmark to 
      how good you are doing from part 1) 

          Part two

            Unless you can take the top card immediately on part 2, use 
            a joker. I would suggest turning on the extra jokers and extra 
            cards if only for part 2. They won't offer much advantage in 
            part 1 but you will struggle without them here.

              There is a joker underneath the first few cards here too. I 
              would use all of the jokers as soon as possible, as for the 
              first part you will mostly only be able to match 2 cards.

                Try and leave a card on each pile that is directly next to each 
                other (5,6 or A,K etc) as you can then clear a card from each 
                side with one match. This isn't always possible, but it helps. 
                I've normally used both of my jokers and the joker it gives 
                you before I get rid of these 2 columns. If you have 2 
                simultaneous cards available (5,6 or A,K etc) then don't use 
                a joker, you have about a 1/3 chance of turning over a card 
                to match so statistically it should take not much more than 3 
                of your cards to match. 

                Preserving your cards is important here.

                  Don't worry too much about having no jokers though, once 
                  you get down to the bottom of the 2 single card piles, you 
                  should find matching much easier with the extra face up 
                  cards you can now see.Quite often I've used my last card to 
                  start a combo which gets a bunch of cards including the 
                  scarabs to finish the level. Once you get rid of the bottom 
                  cards in the single piles, you can see the scarabs which help 
                  plan your moves.

                  • 3* key here is as many points as possible from part 1, 

                  and get rid of the top card immediately and then the single 
                  card piles asap on part 2. Getting a good combo at the end 
                  of part 2 will really help too.