How to beat level 36.

Here are some tips to help you beat level 36.
I would use the extra cards, extra joker and multiplier.
Level 1 is not too much of a problem. Use your joker to make a run if you can, to score as much as possible so you don't need to worry too much about scoring in round 2.
Round 2 is more difficult to get a run as most of the cards are hidden. But if you scored well in round 1 scoring shouldn't be a problem. 
Look carefully at the cards and try to uncover as many as possible with each card you remove.
If a card does not uncover another, or take you to one that does, I would leave it on the board as it may help 
with a run later. 
Use your joker too keep any run going, but try to save one for the end if you can, you don't want to be left with one card on the table after all your hard work!