What is a charm?

Charms help you overcome tricky levels in 
Pyramid Solitaire Saga.
You have to buy them for real money.

Once you buy a charm it's yours to keep forever!

Here are the charms and what they do

Charm of Reveal

Use to flip cards that are 
facing down so you see their value.

Unlocks level 28

Charm of Shuffle

Shuffle all the visible cards 
once every game

Unlocks level 13

Charm of Foresight

Allows you to see the next two 
cards in the deck.

Unlocks level 5

Charm of Guidance

Highlights all matching cards.

Charm of Regret

Lets you undo your last turn 
from the deck.

Charm of Life

Permanently adds three to 
tour maximum number of lives.

Charm of Release

Releases all the chained cards
 in the layout.

Unlocks level 52.

Charm of Reserve

Save a card for later.
To use when you need it.

Unlocks level 36.

Charm of Locksmith

Helps you unlock all the 
locks in the layout.

Unlocks level 24.