How do I get more Lives?

Never wait for lives!
Providing you have plenty of friends who play 
you need NEVER run out of lives.
Here's how.
As soon as you lose just ONE life ask for more!

You will get the page below.

Ignore the Buy button and Click on Ask friends.
Then you will get the page below.
Click on the little triangle beside All friends to get
the drop down menu and select 
ONLY Pyramid Solitaire Saga players.

Then check the boxes of as many friends as you want.
 I usually request 20 or 30 at a time.
Send out the requests!
Once you've done that continue playing. 
When you run out of lives just refresh the game and 
you should have at least five lives waiting.
Repeat the process when you lose ONE life.
You can request up to 50 lives as often as you want.