Get Red Jewels

Red Jewels are needed for the extra joker booster 
and the extra cards booster.

These can not be gifted, they are dropped randomly 
at the end of a level.

Red Gems can be generated by playing the lower levels.

Any level will give red gems but some seem to drop 
them more than others.

Level 13 seems to give them quite often but I like 
to play level 16 and 21.

Level 16 will often give reds, but you will also get
purple and white ones there too, as you need a run 
of 12 cards to complete the level so even if you have to use the joker you can easily get 3 more in the run to make 15, which gives you a white gem.

This may defeat the object though if you're looking for reds, as using the joker will use up reds!

Level 21 is just a nice easy level which often gives reds.

I have also managed to get quite a few red gems on 
levels 4 and 5. 

So take your pick...These are just a few levels which have been found to give out red Jewels.

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