Pyramid Solitaire Saga Level 50

Video by Fibro Froggy.
No Charms

Tips By Maureen Nicholls

 I have just gone and played it to have a look at it Lyn. I got it 

with no boosters!! 

When you first start off...look to see if you can get a good 

run. Don't necessarily click on to every card just because it 

matches the one you just turned over in your deck. 

Look at the cards laid out before you and see if you can 

see a run. 

When you can see one, try and eliminate the cards so you 

can get to it. 

Once you have your run (even if it is only 3 

cards) then look to see if it will be beneficial to click on your 

joker to keep your run going. 

The secret is to get a good long run so that you will get a 

good score. 

Also getting a good run means you are not going to use so 

many cards in your deck. 

The other thing is that when you click on to your 

gold card, you need to click as many cards after it as you 

can without turning another one over in your deck. 

Every card you click on to after your gold card will double 

your score. 

Don't be afraid to use your 2 jokers at the beginning if it 

means you can get a good run with your cards. 

Give it a go and see how you get on. 

Don't rush...look at your cards on the table and see where 

you can get a good run and work towards it.  

Give it a go!!!