How does the scoring work in Pyramid Solitaire Saga?

How your score is calculated

Cards removed from the tablet score 100.
A run of more than one card gives an increasing score.
1st card in a run scores  100
2nd card                         150
3rd card                          200
4th card                          250         Helpful?  Please "like"-->
5th card                          300
6th card                          350
Increasing by 50 for each card removed until the end of the run, then scoring starts again from 100.

Be careful!
If you click on the wrong card you lose 20 points!

The scarab cards ( with the gold edges ) also increase in value the more you turn over.
1st scarab is worth         1000 
2nd scarab                     1500
3rd scarab                      2000
4th scarab                      2500

At the end of the game you get:
300 for each card left in the pack and on the tablet.
200 for each card in your longest run.
2000 for each joker not used.
1000 for each running scarab caught.

Here's how the scoreboard looks at the end of the game.