How to Get Jewels

How do I get Jewels for Pyramid Solitaire Saga?

To purchase the boosters you need JEWELS. 

Yellow jewels are awarded at the end of every 
level that you pass.
If you get one star you get ONE yellow gem.
If you get 2 stars you get TWO yellow gems, which you are able to share with your friends.
If you get 3 stars you get THREE yellow gems. which you can share with friends. You also get a yellow gem for each scarab card you clear that doesn't run around the board

Green Jewels are carried around on the backs of some 
of the scarabs when they run around after you clear
 the scarab cards. 
You have to click on the scarab before it vanishes 
down it's hole!
Level FIVE usually has TWO green running scarabs.
They are also awarded to your friends when you 
pass them on the board. 
When you get a notification that you have passed someone and sent 2 green jewels, you can go to that person's

Purple  Jewels are awarded when you get a run of TEN cards or more. The longer the run the more
 purple jewels you can earn. 
For every TEN cards in the run you get another purple gem.
Levels 16, 25 & 32 are good levels to get Purple gems.

Blue   Jewels are also carried around on some of the running scarabs.
As you move up the levels the scarabs get more and more difficult to catch! They are also awarded for completing every level in an AREA of the saga.
You can share these blue jewels, and those of your 
friends HERE
Also ALL the jewels sent to you by friends when you first open the game are BLUE.

White  Jewels or Diamonds can be earned by clearing 
 a run of FIFTEEN cards in a row. After the first 15 you will 
get another white gem for every TEN cards in the same run. eg: Ist white, 15 cards. 2nd white 25 cards. 
3rd white 35 cards etc.
Levels 16, 25 , 32 & 65 are good levels for white gems.
You may need to use your joker to keep a run going, but that doesn't matter as it's the jewel you want, not the score.

Red Jewels are the most difficult ones on the board to get!
They are dropped RANDOMLY at the end of a level.
ANY level can drop red gems but if you need some quickly to buy Extra card or Extra joker boosters playing one of the levels below level 10 over and over will give 
you a good chance of getting some.
I have found levels 4 and 5 to be good levels to get reds.
Level 21 also seems to give reds quite a lot.

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