Obstacles in the game.

As you progress through the game you will encounter various obstacles which you have to overcome to complete the levels.
Here are the obstacles and how to beat them.

First is the LOCKED card, which is introduced at level 21.

To open the locked card you must first remove the key card.

Next is the GOLD card, introduced at level 41.

This is not really an obstacle as it will help you score higher if you can remove it. Once you clear it you will get double points for the next 10 moves, so if you can get a long run after you remove it you can increase your score significantly.

Level 51 brings in the CHAINED card.

To clear the chained card you need a run of at least 4 cards to unchain it then you must remove it before you turn over another card from the deck or the chain will come back.
The extra joker booster is useful for this card.

At level 83 you will find the MUMMY CARD.

The Mummy card needs to be unravelled before 
you can clear it from the board.
To unravel you just need to match it as with a normal
card.  BUT, this does not remove it from 
the table AND it causes a card to be turned over 
from the stack! 
So it is very difficult to get runs when you have
mummy cards on the table. 
The best way to deal with them is to try to unravel
as many as possible before you try to make a run.

At level     The COLOURED LOCKS appear.
To open one of the locked cards you need to remove the key card with the SAME COLOUR.
Eg: To unlock the PINK ACE on the left, you have to clear the eight with the PINK key on it.
These levels rely very much on getting the right cards to remove cards in the correct order.