How to Play Pyramid Solitaire Saga.

The goal in Pyramid Solitaire Saga is to remove cards from the pyramid by matching them with the card on the deck, which must be one higher or lower.

You can see here you can clear either the queen or the ten.
The following cards can be matched.
2 < A > K
3 < 2 > A
4 < 3 > 2
5 < 4 > 3
6 < 5 > 4
7 < 6 > 5
8 < 7 > 6
9 < 8 > 7
10 < 9  > 8
J < 10 > 9
Q < J > 10
K < Q > J
A < K > Q

It's important to consider which card to remove if you 
have a choice of more than one card. 
See the example below.

Here you can see you could remove either the 
orange or yellow 6. OR the 8.
If you remove the 8  you will only be able to clear ONE card.
If you remove the ORANGE 6 you will clear 3 cards. 
But if you remove the YELLOW  6 it can be followed by 
the 5 and 4, so removing 3 cards and uncovering 
more cards which are covering the scarab card.. 
This is the best move on this board.

Here is a video showing basic gameplay.

To really progress in the game you need to learn to recognise when you can achieve a long Streak.
See the example below.

As you can see by looking carefully we have a run of 7 cards. This may not be the best run achievable on this board but it's an example of looking for runs.
This is the only way you will survive the higher levels!

To leave or not to leave.
Sometimes you will have a card that can be removed, but removing it will spoil your chances of making a run later.
See example.
This is a simple example of a card that is best left on the board at this time. If you take the six it will be only one card and will score only 100 points. If you leave it now and turn over another card you may get a 5 or 3, which will mean you can make a run of at least 3 cards, scoring a total of 350 points minimum. 
For more information on scoring go HERE