How to beat level 103 in Pyramid Solitaire Saga.

Tips from Michael Hill.

Use extra cards and joker if you have the reds to spare.
Cookie uses the multiplier for all difficult levels, 
so if you do manage to complete you won't fail for low score.

Part one is fairly straightforward. 

If you've got this far you should do it OK.

Part 2.

A good deal is a must for this round.

Leave the chained cards and jokers 'till last unless you 
get a run and can remove one or more.

Remove the mummy and key/locked cards first, 
looking at the locked cards to see if they will match with 
any of the chained ones later..

Then if you have enough cards left in the deck you should be able to use the jokers to remove the chained cards and any others left on the table..

Like a lot of the higher levels a lot of trial and error is needed to figure them out.