How do I Score more points?.

Tips from Andrew Martin.

My strategies are play to get the longest run possible, not to 

finish the level. 

Most often I won't even finish a level, luckily I 

have a bunch of people that also play all the time or I can 

pester so I don't run out of lives too often. 

I don't use boosters until I've played the level a bunch of 

times either so I know what the chances of getting a long run 

are like.

The longer the runs go for, the more exponential your score 

will be compared to if you have smaller runs. 

A load of my scores seem way high but that's because I will 

have gotten a run of 40+ cards, sometimes 50+ 

on some levels. 

You just need a lot more patience as if you use one/both 

jokers early on, you gotta hope you can still get the rest of 

the cards out before you run out!