How to beat level 71 by Andrew Martin.

  • Your key to getting a high score is a long combo here. Don't be afraid to use your joker early on, but of course a bit of luck always comes in handy to give you a good deal!

  • Part 1 - 
  • Your first priority should be to get rid of the top row of cards completely, or perhaps leaving one card left. 
  • This will unlock most of the second row of cards, and
     give you a bigger range of cards to start a combo with. You only get 7 cards to start off with, so hopefully you won't waste any cards in dealing with this. 

  • You should be able to start a combo now you have more cards to choose from. 
  • Try and resist grabbing the scarab cards early on unless necessary to continue your combo though, as the idea is to clear as many cards as you can.
  • Aim for getting rid of most of the second layer, which in turn will leave you with a bunch more cards underneath that you can combo with. 
  • Take a look at the scarab cards, and plan your combo in advance. 
  • Nothing worse than continuing a combo and forgetting a scarab card with no jokers left. 
  • The extra cards booster comes in handy, more for insurance that you have enough cards to clear the top row before starting a combo.

  • Part 2 - 
  • Part 2 is similar, but you will struggle to get a decent combo going. 
  • Again concentrate on the top row of cards first, and hopefully the cards they uncover will be helpful. 
  • Try and aim for the cards covering the scarabs early on as you've got less cards to continue with if your combo runs out.
  • The extra joker booster may help for part 2 if you struggle to get the scarabs out, as there's a lot more planning involved in part 2. 
  • Try and figure out how you can get a combo going that will get some of the scarab cards. It's allright waiting for the right card this time as you've got a bunch more cards to start off with, and running out of them very probably won't happen, even without extra cards on.
  • 3 stars on this level really depends on you getting a big combo on part 1 and being lucky on part 2, you should have at least 1 star by the end of part 1, maybe even close to 2 stars, otherwise 3 stars is probably unattainable.