Pyramid Solitaire Saga Level 127.

How to pass level 127 in Pyramid Solitaire Saga
Tips by Marco Hahn.

Part 1.

The leaf cards one again mean going for it on one long run. But at first play down the 3 right mummified cards in the middle row while you use the cards from the deck patiently. Once all 3 are free, you can go for it. 
In general the upper and under stacks should be played first, since the leaves come back when the run ends. 
The left stack in the middle and the 2 2- card stacks on the right can be ignored since there are no scarabs or jokers under them. So use them as connectors only.

Part 2.

Use the cards from the deck until the mummified cards are all playable and once again go for it on one run. 
The stacks that go up should be played first again – because of the leaves.