Pyramid Solitaire Saga Level 128.

How to pass level 128 in Pyramid Solitaire Saga
Video by Fibro Froggy.
No Charms.

Tips for level 128 
by Marco Hahn.

Part 1.

Wait for the right card on the deck and then try to get a little run and at best use the middle cards for it – because under these cards there are 4 jokers. 
Once you got the leaf cards unlocked then focus on them. 
If necessary use the jokers to get from one leaf card to the next while you once again go for a long run. 
Be smart with the row at the bottom. 
Use the cards as connectors to get from one leaf card to the next. 
Sometimes the leaf cards simply don’t match which means patience is pretty important here.

Part 2.

Wait for the right card on the deck and the go for a little run to unlock the leaf cards. 
Once again the row on the top is most important and should be played first. 
But you need every other card as well because there are scarab cards under them. 
So the best way probably is to go for a long run to remove the top row while you use the rest as connectors and at the end hope for the right cards from the dealer to play away 
the rest. 
Under the 4 cards on the outside there are 4 jokers which will help you to go for a run.