Pyramid Solitaire Saga level 131 tips

Tips for level 131 by Marko Hahn


You have one moss card under the left pack. 
You need to play this card before you can play the 4 cards under the leaf cards. 
Under those 4 cards there is a key card that you need to unlock the scarab card under the stack on the right. 
So I would do it this way: 
Wait for a good deck card and start a run. If possible focus on the left side first. 
Once the leaf cards are playable try to play all of them away on one run (help of the joker!). 
Once you got this, I would once again focus on the left stack. 
Try to remove it away as quickly as possible to play that moss card which unlocks the 4 cards in the middle. 
If necessary use the deck to play down the rest but remember that you need to play the key card before the scarab card is available.


My advice for the second part is the same as for the 
first part. 
Wait for a good card, go for a run, play away all the
 leaf cards. 
Then focus on the left stack (moss card). 
Then you need the key card in the middle etc…