Pyramid Solitaire Saga Level 130.

How to beat level 130 in Pyramid Solitaire Saga.
Video by Fibro Froggy.
No charms used. 

Tips by Michael Hill.

It's a matter of getting a decent deal then planning out your 

long run. 

Part 1 

It's helpful if you got at least 2 run cards to 

start. If so, then use the deck to start that run before using a 

joker then take your time going left and right making sure 

each part of the run exposes the next joker. 

Part 2, 

I use the dealt joker right away and then plan out the run 

again going left and right making sure the run continues with 

exposing a joker or using your own jokers to do so. 

You should easily get the 25 card runs on both parts. 

The 2 gold cads at the end of part 2 will help 

with getting 3 stars.

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