Pyramid Solitaire Saqa Level 126

How to pass level 126 in Pyramid Solitaire Saga.
Video By Fibro Froggy
3 stars, No charms

Screenshot Part 1.

Tips by Marco Hahn

Part 1.

Focus on the moss cards first. 
If necessary play the deck down until the moss cards 
are removed. 
Then try to get a run with the help of the cards in the middle and the jokers to get to the leaf cards and at best try to close out the level on one single long run. 
On that run focus on the 3 stacks on the left. 
Use the jokers and the cards in the middle as connectors only to get from 1 leaf card to the next etc.

Screenshot part 2

Part 2.

Try to build a run with the cards on the right to unlock the leaf cards – especially the leaf card in the middle because there are 4 jokers behind. 
Go for it on one long run and at best try to play the 2 left stacks as well as the moss cards down at a similar frequency