Welcome to the 
Pyramid Solitaire Saga
All Help Website!

'King online games' has developed another Facebook blockbuster that promises to be great fun!
Players have to match playing cards, catch scarabs hidden behind golden cards and collect gems to unlock unique power ups!

This website aims to guide you through the various levels of the game, as it gets increasingly difficult.
On the left you'll see videos for each level including screenshots and some tips where available.
On the right is information to enhance your enjoyment and give insight into the gameplay.

We also Have the All Jewels page, 
where you can post your jewels and collect from others.
Click on the image to go to the page.

And the Pyramid Solitaire Saga All Help Group
Where you can contact other players and find 
valuable help and advice. 

So come and join the fun.
Pit your wits against the cards and scarabs!